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Taxmann Technologies (TTPL) is managed by a competent team of Indian attorneys. The company is an offshoot of a leading young Indian Law Book Publishers(TAXMANN PUBLICATION Pvt. Ltd.). Taxmann Technologies team comprising of highly motivated group of over 200 associates from legal community (viz., advocates, lawyers, chartered accountants, company secretaries) who monitor all the developments in the judicial, administrative and legislative fields and process the information with impeccable perfection and skill. This unit is spread over 10,000 sq. feet landscaped area providing perfect environment to its editors and their associates. At Taxmann we are fully equipped to handle any Legal processing jobs including Legal Drafting, Legal Processing, Case Law Drafting, Case Law Digesting, Legal Contents Development. In short all aspects of Legal Processing. We have specialized team of Lawyer, Advocate to supervise your legal requirement.

Our firm's experience as a consultant to our clients proves our ability to deliver world-class legal support services. To provide excellent integrated services in tune with your legal process, our lawyers are graduates of good Indian law schools and are experienced in international transactions, litigation, and regulatory matters. These common law-trained professionals will handle your specific requirements when you outsource parts of your legal processes to LPO in India.

Taxmann Technologies (TTPL) provides high-end & specialized legal support and research services which work as value for money.  We relate to your Bean Counters when it comes to cost-savings, increasing profit margins, and adding to your bottom-line.


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Our services

With a continuously shrinking world ruled by globalization, international law firms and legal departments of big corporate houses need to think strategically and act quickly in order to stay ahead of the competition. Outsourcing / Off shoring your high-end and routine legal work to reliable industry leaders will help you to improve the quality of the final output and also control inflated expenses incurred by essential legal support services.
Due to the desire of law firms to become a part of the global business, legal process outsourcing or LPO, is widely spreading and is becoming a hot favourite. Operating from its facilities in India, taxmann technologies(TTPL) offers a great combination of legal expertise along with business acumen and superior quality services to deliver not only innovative services but also cost-competitive legal support services.
Taxmann technologies(TTPL) is a single-source provider of the best-quality legal support services and caters to prominent law firms and big corporate legal departments across the globe. We forge long-term relationship Intellectual Property with all our clients, working side by side to understand their methodology and assess their exact requirements.
Taxmann technologies(TTPL) provides the widest range of professional services including litigation support, discovery, and processing; contract review, drafting, management, and tracking; patent research and analysis; legal and generic research; regulatory and compliance support; corporate secretarial; document management; and a host of other related functions. We employ the best legal expertise, latest technology, and effective process management to help you achieve unprecedented efficiency and cost effectiveness. Broadly our professional services may be categorized as under:

  • Intellectual Property Right Services
  • Para Legal Services
  • Litigation support
  • General Legal Research & Review
  • Corporate Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Family Law
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Pre litigation

Taxmann technologies(TTPL) enhances and strengthens its clients' positions before litigation begins. The necessary legal research, on a cost-effective basis, attorneys can more quickly and thoroughly than ever before assess the strengths and weaknesses of a client's position in an impending suit and predict the full scope of available damages. This allows the clients to secure the strongest possible stance in pre-litigation negotiations and settlement discussions. taxmann technologies(TTPL) clients that are facing claims are not held hostage by the usual runaway costs associated with the threat of litigation. This substantially reduces the pressure to make pay-outs. Similarly, taxmann technologies(TTPL) clients that have claims against others have access to the most cost-effective means of making judgments about the viability of such claims before litigation begins, and of obtaining a satisfactory settlement or other resolution, without fear of fees or expenses of running amok


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Taxmann Technologies(TTPL) litigation support group can strip much of the costs associated with the interlocutory stages of litigation. taxmann technologies(TTPL) litigation support professionals can draft interlocutory litigation papers and other documents with speed and efficiency. Whether a taxmann technologies(TTPL) client needs a set of pleadings, discovery requests or responses, subpoenas, motion papers, memoranda of law, settlement agreements or trial preparation documents -- all can be drafted by taxmann technologies(TTPL) trained litigation support teams. Moreover, our litigation teams are trained to work for clients across various State and federal jurisdictions and even continents.
Furthermore, the review of discovery/disclosure -- which sometimes requires firms to deploy small armies of legal associates also can be performed by taxmann technologies(TTPL), both faster and at a fraction of the cost. This helps clients avoid the undesirable position in which legal costs detrimentally influence the direction and the likelihood of success of litigation strategy.
Throughout the interim stages of litigation, our support teams can perform the legal research that is needed to constantly improve and maintain the strength of our clients' positions. The traditional mindset -- that a legal dispute must invariably be lengthy -- is changing, with taxmann technologies(TTPL) streamlining the litigation process by constantly preparing for the future and foreseeable stages of a case. Discovery requests can be served and responded to ahead of schedule, and motions made promptly, so that otherwise typical delays are avoided.

On the subject of speed, the advantages of taxmann technologies(TTPL) are extraordinary. Our support teams add approximately 12 hours to the normal litigation workday.


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In the rare event that any taxmann technologies(TTPL) client's case does need to proceed to trial, we can support our corporate clients, law firm clients and others in their preparation of trial exhibits and other documents. Preparing for trial is an inherently laborious and costly process, but those costs now can be reduced dramatically.



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Case management

The taxmann technologies(TTPL) legal support team also can perform the more cumbersome case management tasks that are necessary in any lawsuit, which, while simple, can mount and result in additional and unexpected costs for clients. These tasks include organizing client files, managing the online electronic court-filing of litigation papers, and maintaining and monitoring case-watch reports for changes and updates in cases.


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Legal research

Taxmann Technologies(TTPL) legal research teams, like all of our litigation support personnel, are experienced lawyers and/or former law professors who hail from prestigious Indian law schools and law firms. They can provide any number of research tasks, across key subscription databases such as Lexis/Nexis and other platforms.
Our teams can handle legal research in virtually any jurisdiction or area of the law. Already they have handled projects involving the following subjects:

  • Intellectual property, including copyrights, trademarks, trade dress, etc.
  • Defamation and invasion of privacy
  • Rights of publicity
  • Anti-piracy litigation
  • Entertainment law
  • Trade secrets
  • Employment and labor law
  • General civil areas such as fraud and contract law
  • Litigation procedure
  • State and federal statutes
  • Multi-jurisdictional comparison surveys factual research, including financial, corporate and other data legal drafting

Experienced lawyers can expeditiously and cost-effectively draft any of the following materials and beyond:

  • Legal briefs and memoranda
  • Discovery requests and responses
  • Appeal papers, including notices and briefs
  • Petitions for certiorari
  • Summaries of witness statements
  • Deposition digests
  • Print, videotape, and animation exhibits for trials
  • Any other litigation papers
  • Employment manuals licenses and other contracts document reviewing and management

Our document managers, reviewers, and coders are experts in handling voluminous paper and electronic files in any litigation or other matter, regardless of whether the data is in print, text, voice, or image formats.

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