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Your book's cover is the first thing a prospective reader sees; Covers are very important, unless you have a cover concept and are willing to obtain original art yourself, we suggest to hire a specialist in cover design.
Covers are almost always printed in process color, or four inks  cyan, magenta, yellow, and black  blended together on the printed page to produce a range of colors. Not every visible color can be represented in ink. Some publishers also have the covers embossed or foiled, or add a fifth ink in a spot color. A spot ink is mixed before printing so that it will be the exact color desired.
Covers are laid out in a flat, a single sheet of paper for front, spine, and back. The paper is larger than the actual cover to allow room for the bleed, where the ink extends past the design. The bleed will be trimmed later. The designer needs to know the final trim size of the book, the number of pages, and the paper used. These last two details allow the designer to calculate the spine width.

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Book Interiors


Designing the book interior is a separate task from designing the cover. Interior book design involves selecting the typeface, its size, and the leading; deciding how to indicate section breaks and the various levels of headings; selecting a format for tables and figures; and more.
The design should match the book's subject matter in tone, and be appropriate for the intended readers. For example, children's storybooks normally use large, easy-to-read fonts. A fantasy novel may have a special treatment for the first page of each chapter.

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Typesetting and Layout

Typesetting and layout involves setting the book's text and graphics into a layout according to the designer's specifications. Extra spaces and carriage returns, unneeded tabs, and manual page breaks all have to be removed. The typesetter will look for poor hyphenation, large gaps between words, and other issues that affect the page's beauty and readability. We use page layout software, like Adobe Page maker, Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress,

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